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We have been advised by Breast Cancer Survivors that our Classy Comfort® Seat Belt Adjuster is the best thing for keeping the seat belt off their breasts.  So we now offer on behalf of all Breast Cancer Survivors our adjuster in Pink.

For those who have problems with their Seat Belt cutting into your neck, we have solved the problem.

Our Classy Comfort® Seat Belt Adjuster positions the shoulder strap/harness away from your neck, for more comfort but still allows the seat belt to operate normally with the same protection.

Our adjusters are easy to use, after putting on your seat belt, attach the Velcro end (without tab) to your waist portion of you seat belt.  Bring the Tab end up and behind your shoulder strap, secure with Velcro, slide the adjuster to where you find the most comfort.  To release, pull on tab, release your seat belt, the end attached to the waist portion of your seat belt will stay in place and be there when needed the next time.


Classy Comfort Seatbelt Adjuster/Pink In Honor of Breast Cancer Survivors

SKU: 0004P
  • Fabric is made from Poly webbing and velcro is used for closure.


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